Gas Sensors for a Better Planet

Matrix Sensors is a gas sensor technology company whose mission is to enable ubiquitous air quality monitoring for safe and energy efficient indoor spaces.

About Us

Matrix Sensors, Inc. is a venture-backed pioneer in gas sensor technology based in San Diego, CA. Our MEMS-based carbon dioxide sensors employ metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) and proprietary autocalibration features to provide rapid results with long-term accuracy. With over 15 years of innovation in materials chemistry and MOF development, Matrix Sensors is revolutionizing the sensor industry with adaptable, affordable solutions that are equipped to serve both the DCV systems of commercial settings and residential consumers.

Why We're Unique

Unlike traditional optical CO2 sensors, our smart sensor technology can guarantee accuracy for the life of the sensor without the need for frequent manual calibration. Our proprietary, MEMS-based sensor technology enables true self-calibration without the guesswork that traditional optical CO2 sensors require.


If you can't measure it, you can't improve it. And what is more important than improving indoor air quality for the health and well-being of friends, family, and co-workers?

Now everyone can measure and ensure a healthy indoor air environment.

  • Building Automation

    The high maintenance costs and uncertain long-term accuracy of existing optical CO2 sensors limits their adoption for energy-efficient demand-controlled ventilation (DCV) systems in commercial buildings. Our MEMS-based CO2 sensor solves these issues with guaranteed long-term accuracy.
  • Consumer and Residential

    Do you have a CO2 sensor in your home? We didn't think so. The high total cost of ownership for existing optical CO2 sensors is too much for most consumer applications. At least, it was until now.